Remote Staffing

Flexible Remote Engagement Models

Remote IT staffing is a highly flexible option for both large and mid-sized businesses to minimize business risk while ensuring continuity of their IT initiatives. You can quickly onboard and leverage high-quality, experienced resources in India without incurring additional administrative and HR overheads. Our remote staffing models give you the flexibility to get off the ground fast and scale to meet your IT needs.

FTE (Full-time Employee) Based Staffing

Hire a few resources remotely to augment your existing IT projects. This enables you to find specialized skillsets from a wider talent pool within weeks instead of months. Over the last few years we have staffed hundreds of IT positions remotely for our clients.

  • Typical Billing Model: FTE based / monthly
  • Managed by: Client team / client project manager
  • Suitable for: Adding new skills, team augmentation

Remote Team Staffing

Recruitment teams often face significant challenges in finding and hiring the right profiles at a single location. With MITS, you can hire IT talent across multiple locations and create a bespoke, remote IT team. We provide extensive support from helping you identify candidates all the way to putting in place governance mechanisms to manage a distributed team.

  • Typical Engagement Model: Blended / monthly
  • Managed by: Client team / client project manager. Option of collaborative management with MITS team leaders.
  • Suitable for: Adding new team, scaling existing project, starting a new project

Dedicated Remote Facilities

If your organization has specific security and governance needs, we provide end-to-end support in allocating and managing dedicated remote facilities or Offshore Delivery Centres (ODCs). We also offer hybrid models that can combine dedicated facilities, our own locations and remote staffing options.

  • Typical Engagement Model: ODC seats / blended / monthly
  • Managed by: Client & MITS jointly. Option of MITS team leaders / project managers. Infrastructure and facility managed by MITS.
  • Suitable for: Offshoring largescale IT needs (such as development, QA, integration), setting up Centers of Excellence (CoEs)

Managed Services

With the managed services model we take complete responsibility of your remote talent KPIs & needs. This includes recommending best-fit profiles, maintaining an optimized bench, forecasting and fulfilling talent demand and tracking performance of individuals and teams.

  • Typical Engagement Model: Managed services seats / blended / monthly
  • Managed by: MITS in-house project management team. Resources may be remote, at dedicated location, ODC or hybrid.
  • Suitable for: Offshoring largescale IT needs (such as development, QA, integration), setting up ODCs, CoEs