Client Site Staffing

Client Site Staffing Models

Client site staffing is an efficient and cost-effective way to deploy and scale your IT workforce while eliminating the need to onboard staff on your payroll. This gives your organization greater flexibility to ramp-up or scale-down resources based on business needs. MITS offers specialized client site staffing services for organizations in India, Europe and North America, with a deep understanding of functional and technology needs.

FTE (Full-time Employee) Based Staffing

We help you minimize the time and effort to find, hire and onboard resources on a continuous basis. In many cases, our clients have the option of evaluating the resource over a period of time before assigning a permanent position.

  • Typical Billing Model: FTE based / monthly
  • Managed by: Client team / client project manager
  • Suitable for: Adding new skills, team augmentation

Team Staffing

Organizations often need to ramp up entire teams with specific skillsets quickly, especially when they need to start a new IT project or scale an existing one. We are well equipped to take charge of your complete hiring and staffing requirements to setup entire teams, either at our facility or at the client site.

  • Typical Engagement Model: Blended / monthly
  • Managed by: Client team / client project manager. Option of collaborative management with MITS team leaders.
  • Suitable for: Adding new team, scaling existing project, starting a new project

Dedicated Facility at Client Site

We are highly experienced in setting up and managing dedicated facilities upto for team sizes between 20 and 200. We also offer hybrid models that can combine dedicated facilities, our own locations and remote staffing options.

  • Typical Engagement Model: ODC seats / blended / monthly
  • Managed by: Client & MITS jointly. Option of MITS team leaders / project managers. Option of infrastructure and facility managed by MITS.
  • Suitable for: Offshoring largescale IT needs (such as development, QA, integration), setting up Centers of Excellence (CoEs)